There is no one among us who does not turn into a completely different person while sick. If you're wondering who you become when you are sick, "Which character are you when you are sick ? "

So tell me, what would be the your first sentence when you realize you have the flu?

We heard your first sentence, so how do people who hear that you are sick react?

So what does having the flu mean to you?

Let's choose which of these photos looks like you when you have flu.

You may have a little appetite, but you need to eat something. Which one would you like to eat when you have the flu?

Last question! Let's talk about your life before the flu, what kind of person you were before you got the flu.

Which character are you when you are sick?
Mother’s Boy!

Do you realize that even in your 50s, you cannot recover without your mother's sick soup? What could be better than a mother who brings green tea while lying in your sick bed! We know that even if you recover, you will continue to pretend to be sick to get attention.

Your whining! We can predict that you will be sick one day in advance. How Does? Because of your crankiness. The people around you embitter the life when you are sick... Just kidding. Yes, you are a little tough, but we love you like that too. It doesn't hurt to be a little grumpy when you're sick. Still, you can follow the recommendations of fluaiapp on instagram to avoid getting sick!
Search Engine!

Are you sure you have the flu? As if you have some doubts. Did you google your symptoms? Who knows what you've find except flu. It doesn't seem like it makes sense to search for your symptoms, right? If you can't stop searching your symptoms, you can follow the healtiusai on Instagram and wait the mobile app that's just right for you.
Medicine Cabinet!

We know that you don't admit that you are sick and continue to work like an ant. How the drugs got you up! Did you also get supplements to keep working? Having the flu is the best opportunity to rest your body. How would you like to stop pretending not to be sick and rest a little? One more tip for you: If you do not like to be sick, you can follow the mandarin_health on Instagram to have an app where you can track and improve all your organs.

You look a little happy. The color of the blanket is very nice and we love your tea cup. Which movie are you watching? You were probably so tired of the hustle and bustle of life, and this illness has become an excuse for you to rest. Have a good time, if you can't find anything to watch, you can follow the hobbycorn on Instagram.

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