Our application will be on the market at the beginning of 2020. Via the link “Download the application”  which is located top of the page,you can provide your e-mail address; and so you can be notified by e-mail when the app is released. When the application is released, it will be accessible from all virtual stores including Play Store and App Store.

When you log in to the app, firstly you need to enter your basic information such as your age, gender and region, after that you need to take a photo of your throat as described in your application from your own smartphone camera. Afterwards you should enter the symptoms of your disease. The application will help you learn the most possible analysis with artificial intelligence technology.

The application which we developed is based on artificial intelligence and has a large database infrastructure. The data which is trained with artificial intelligence has accuracy rate of 98%. Additionally, in that context our clinical studies are ongoing. In addition to this, we strive to maintain data accuracy and reliability by passing the patients scores from symptoms into a specific formula. Our practice is definitely not a substitute for a doctor or professional. The application only provides suggestion support. In any case, you are kindly requested to see a doctor.

The important part when taking the photo of the throat is that your uvula and tonsils appear. As much as possible, take care not to put the teeth into the photo frame. When taking the photo, you can take a throat photo from the rear camera with the help of a second person or use a mirror.

The application performs deep learning algorithm analysis with pre-trained throat image data. The analysis takes place in two stages. The first artificial intelligence model checks whether the photo taken is a throat, while the second artificial intelligence model determines whether the disease is viral or bacterial according to the signs and changes in the throat region. In this way, the analysis is performed.

In addition to the unlimited right for analysis in the premium account, we provide some supplement and plant recommendations according to your disease score. Unlike free accounts, premium accounts will not have any video ads. By taking the photos of his/her throat regularly, a person can follow up his/her disease regularly.

Free accounts have only one analysis right. However, you can gain one more analysis right by watching the video ads. For a one-time use, each person will have as much rights as s/he purchase and will not encounter video-advertising. The user who prefer to buy one analysis can follow up his/her disease also. Our application will recommend supplementation and some plants according to your disease level. The user will be able to watch as many video ads and gain analysis rights as s/he wants. Watching 2 video-ads will be enough to gain one analysis right. In addition to this, one more video ad will be shown while waiting for the analysis result. There will be no disease follow-up of the person. Also, there won’t be any supplement and plant recommendations.

The user login credentials are stored securedly as encryption algorithms, and patient throat photos and symptoms are stored securely in the cloud database. We keep daily backups, in response to any system crash and data loss. No one has access to photos and data. If the IT administrator is forced to log in for any reason (for example, if he wants to check for errors), an e-mail is sent to other users. Therefore, the data is stored in a very secure way.

In viral infections, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, muscle pain and mild fever occur. As long as the findings remain the same, only supportive treatment is applied. The main supportive therapy is to increase rest and fluid intake. In bacterial infections, due to inflammation, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, cough, fatigue and sneezing. Bacterial infections are diseases that may require antibiotic therapy.