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When you log in to the application, you must first create your profile by entering your basic information such as your age, gender and chronic diseases, and then take a picture of your throat from your phone camera as described in the application to start the analysis. You must then enter the symptoms you are showing. Our application will help you learn the most probable analysis result with artificial intelligence technology.

Our application is powered by artificial intelligence and has been trained with 1000’s of throat pictures in our artificial intelligence technology database. As a result of the clinical study we conducted with Sakarya University, the accuracy rate of our technology was determined to be 95%. In addition, we strive to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the analysis by passing your scores from symptoms through a specific formula. This formula was created by the medical doctors in our team, inspired by the Centor Criteria. The Centor Criteria is a scale frequently used in the clinic to measure the risk of bacterial infection. (1) Our application is definitely not a substitute for a physician or professional. The application only provides suggestions and decision support. In any case, you are strongly requested to see a doctor.

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The important thing when taking a picture of your throat is the appearance of your uvula  and tonsils. Try to avoid having the teeth in the frame as possible. While taking the photo, you can take your throat picture with the help of a friend or family with the rear camera or with the help of a mirror. There are guides that will help you take your throat picture in the application.

The analysis performed by the deep learning algorithm that we have developed, trained with different throat images of patients with viral or bacterial infections. This analysis process takes place in two stages. The first artificial intelligence model checks whether the picture taken is a picture of a throat. The second artificial intelligence model distinguishes viral and bacterial infections based on lesions in the throat through image processing. The symptoms you have entered such as cough, fever, runny nose and the analysis made with the throat picture are combined and the disease score of the user is calculated with the formula prepared by the medical doctors in our team.

Viral pharyngitis, bacterial tonsillopharyngitis, or cold are all cases that are developed by different microbial agents and cause different types of infections in the throat area. In particular, infections caused by bacterial infections in the throat are clinically evident and important to distinguish. It shows morphological differences such as crypt formation and increased blood supply especially in the tonsillar regions. We are trying to provide patients with a decision support system in this sense and to direct them correctly, by detecting these scientifically proven and carefully examined parameters in clinical practice with the AI engine we have developed.

When you start using the application, you have one analysis free of charge. With your free analysis, you can have information and personalized recommendations about your condition. If you purchase a monthly or yearly premium membership, you will have the right to make unlimited analysis, so you can find the opportunity to follow the course of your illness and get recommendations according to its course.

We store user login information using encryption algorithms. We store throat photos and symptoms in the cloud database. In case of any system crash or data loss, information is backed up daily. Nobody has the authority to access photos and data. If the IT manager has to log in for any reason (for example, if he wants to check for an error), users are sent an information mail. For this reason, the data is stored in an extremely secure way.

Symptoms such as sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, muscle pain and generally mild fever are encountered in viral infections. As long as symptoms remain the same, only supportive treatment is given. The main purpose of supportive treatment is to increase rest and fluid intake. In bacterial infections, inflammation, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, cough, fatigue and sneezing are seen. Bacterial infections are diseases that may require antibiotic treatment, so it is advised to  see a doctor.