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When you have the flu, almost everyone around you says something like a doctor. While some of these tips can be helpful, the best advice about flu comes from healthcare professionals. Although your family and friends give you advice in mind, these recommendations can even increase the severity of your flu in some cases. In addition, it is necessary to be cautious about the statements made by a well-known person (journalist, academician, etc.) on this subject. It is necessary to research the medical knowledge of the people who offer advice. Unfortunately, sometimes there is so much misinformation about the flu and flu vaccine that it can mask the correct information. In such cases, you should be careful about the advice from your environment from the moment you start feeling flu symptoms. But what would you do if you found out that many things we know truth about the flu or flu vaccine are actually unproven? In this article, we will talk about the mistakes we know about the flu and the flu vaccine.

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Flu Vaccines Can Make People Get Flu

Most flu vaccines are made from a virus that is unable to infect. Although these vaccines protect against flu, this protection is unfortunately not 100%. Consequently, some people can get flu after vaccination. As stated in the article published on the Harvard University website, the conclusion that the flu vaccine causes flu is wrong and irrelevant.

It is unnecessary flu vaccination for healthy people

According to experts, everyone can be vaccinated, although the flu vaccine is of importance for those with chronic diseases. According to current knowledge, experts recommend the flu vaccine to anyone over 6 months old.

It Is Enough to Get A Flu Vaccine To Protect From The Flu

Vaccination before the flu period is important. Getting vaccinated is vital, especially when flu symptoms don’t become an epidemic. But the flu vaccine itself is not the only way to prevent the flu. Avoiding contact with people suffering from influenza and paying attention to cleanliness significantly reduce the possibility of getting flu. If you have the disease, the anti-viral drugs that you will use with the doctor’s advice are also effective weapons against the flu.

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Flu is Just a Worse Version of Common Cold

Cold symptoms such as a sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, hoarseness, and cough can also be flu symptoms. However, it is an extremely inadequate definition to see flu as just a worse version of common cold. Because in the United States, an average of 36 thousand people dies each year due to flu and more than 200 thousand people have to be hospitalized. Also, influenza is only caused by different types of influenza viruses. In this respect, it also differs from the common cold. Although the flu vaccination does not always prevent you from getting the flu, it can help reduce flu symptoms.

If You Feel Well, You Cannot Spread The Flu

This information is also not evidence based. Because, according to researches, flu symptoms are not seen in average 20-30% of people carrying influenza virus that causes influenza. As with many other types of viruses, asymptomatic patients carry a great risk of virus transmission.

You Don’t Need Flu Vaccines Every Year

Influenza virus is a virus that modify each year, therefore changes type. As a result, new types of influenza virus are added every year and these types are included in the new vaccine. So, according to experts, the flu vaccine should be renewed every year.

You Get Flu If You Move Around In Cold Weather Without A Coat

It is one of the mistakes we know about the flu. The only way to catch the flu is to be exposed to the influenza virus. The virus that causes flu may seem related to not wearing a coat in the cold, as the virus spread in cold weather more. But if you do not have the influenza virus in your body, dress as thin as you want, even go naked, you cannot get flu. Of course, not being protected from cold weather can cause us to catch the common cold, so we need to be careful.

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Taking Antibiotics Is Effective Against Flu

Antibiotics are drugs developed against bacteria. Therefore, they have no effects against viruses. If you go to the doctor in case of a flu infection, do not insist on prescribing antibiotics and use the medicines given by the specialist without delay.



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