Flu Vaccine

A flu vaccine is an injection into the arm to protect against the flu and its complications.

Should I Be Worried to Swim in the Sea ?

Water is the main source that keeps all biological life and all human activities alive, from the

The Masks: to Wear or Not to Wear

We strongly believe that pandemic has shifted our normal, and we are more concerned about our health

Common Cold and Flu

Common cold and flu are usually confused with each other. This is mainly because the symptoms are

Flu and Autoimmune Diseases

As the air temperature started to drop, we’ve all begun to be on guard against the flu.

Flu and Depression: Are They Related?

Just to be clear let’s understand that depression and feeling depressed are not the same thing. And

Influenza Epidemics Surveillance via Soc...

Member States of the World Health Organization have shown their commitment to global public health since their

People at Risk and Flu

‘Risk’ is defined by Merriam-Webster as “possibility of loss or injury”, whereas ‘at risk’ is defined as

Food Poisoning and Flu

We have found out that flu poisoning and flu are commonly mistaken for one another. That is

Flu and Mask

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, authorities were unsure of the extent to which people