COVID-19: Will it ever go away?

Just like we are currently experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, the influenza virus was once a pandemic too.

One Week of Non-Tracking: Excel Error

Conservatively it is estimated that 125,000 additional infections and 1,500 additional COVID-19 related deaths occured due to

The Masks: to Wear or Not to Wear

We strongly believe that pandemic has shifted our normal, and we are more concerned about our health

Digital Health after COVID-19

Healthcare has been expected to transform for almost a decade. As we have faced a global emergency

Updates on COVID-19: Still at Home

We have noticed after almost one year in the pandemic that we have not had a proper

Compare and Contrast: mRNA and DNA Vacci...

When we get sick, our body does not wait for the pathogens to invade our tissues and

How Did We Work As A Team In The Corona ...

For the past few months, most of us have been disrupted because of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Due

New Virus Threatening the World – ...

Coronaviruses are a family of Viruses that can cause a wide range of ailments, from mild upper