Flu Virus under a Microscope

We have already discussed that the influenza virus has more than the two popular types: influenza A

Antibiotic discovery machine learning
How Antibiotics Discovered with Machine ...

One of the most important discoveries of the modern world is antibiotics. In the past, even a

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The Effectiveness of Flu Vaccines

The effectiveness of flu vaccines has been a hot topic for every year. In the 21st century,

Will Telemedicine Really Be The Health S...

With the advancement of software technology, like most sectors, the medical sector has also created new sub-jobs.

Fight of Science and Art

Fighting of science and art has been an issue for centuries. Many people compare scientific subjects with

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Whether bacteria or humans are given unlimited resources, all life types in the world begin to increase

Blockchain in Healthcare

Our blog post is gathered under two main headings: Blockchain technology and the Health sector. The health