Flu and Mask

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, authorities were unsure of the extent to which people

The Spanish Flu

Usually we all see the flu as a minor problem, but now consider such a flu epidemic

Anti-Vaccine Movement #2

Last week we took a look at the anti-vaccine movement in the 18th century and discussed parental

Anti-Vaccine Movement #1

Vaccination causes our children to develop neurological dysfunctions, especially autism. Our children receive too many vaccines. We

Flu Virus under a Microscope

We have already discussed that the influenza virus has more than the two popular types: influenza A

Epidemiology and Mortality of Influenza ...

We have all been influenced by the comparisons between influenza and novel coronavirus. Both cause respiratory disease,

Getting Our Facts Straight About Flu

Considering the pandemia we are facing since the beginning of the year, we are much more informed

Antibiotic discovery machine learning
How Antibiotics Discovered with Machine ...

One of the most important discoveries of the modern world is antibiotics. In the past, even a

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The Effectiveness of Flu Vaccines

The effectiveness of flu vaccines has been a hot topic for every year. In the 21st century,

Flu common cold vaccine covid covid-19
False Facts in Flu

When you have the flu, almost everyone around you says something like a doctor. While some of