Top Five Digital Health Trends

Modern medicine is on its path to digitalization through various trends. By 2020 technology has had its

Digital Health: Everything is Moving too...

It feels like the smart phones have been with us forever. But when we take a look

People at Risk and Flu

‘Risk’ is defined by Merriam-Webster as “possibility of loss or injury”, whereas ‘at risk’ is defined as

Food Poisoning and Flu

We have found out that flu poisoning and flu are commonly mistaken for one another. That is

Flu and Mask

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, authorities were unsure of the extent to which people

The Spanish Flu

Usually we all see the flu as a minor problem, but now consider such a flu epidemic

Anti-Vaccine Movement #2

Last week we took a look at the anti-vaccine movement in the 18th century and discussed parental

Anti-Vaccine Movement #1

Vaccination causes our children to develop neurological dysfunctions, especially autism. Our children receive too many vaccines. We

Flu Virus under a Microscope

We have already discussed that the influenza virus has more than the two popular types: influenza A

Epidemiology and Mortality of Influenza ...

We have all been influenced by the comparisons between influenza and novel coronavirus. Both cause respiratory disease,