The COVID-19 era raises the same question on all of us: “How can we improve our immune system?” The immune system does a crucial job of defending us against pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms). But sometimes our immune system fails to protect our body from germs, causing certain diseases.  In this article we will provide you some tips to boost your immune system against conditions like cold and flu. [1]

Major causes of immune system weakness

  •         İmbalanced nutrition
  •         Stress
  •         Alcohol
  •         Inadequate sleep
  •         Aging
  •         UV Rays

·         Certain medical treatments.

How to Support Your Immune System

  1.   Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can strengthen your immune system, as well as helping you sleep better and reducing your stress levels – two things that have an impact on immunity.

Regular exercise has been shown to improve immune response even in those with weakened immune systems.

  1.   Reduce stress

Increased levels of stress may have physical effects and negative effects on our immune system. Relaxation methods such as yoga, meditation, breathing techniques might be helpful. [2]

  1.   Get adequate rest and sleep.

Inadequate sleep may harm your immune system thus increasing your risk of getting sick. While the required sleep time depends on your age, adults need to sleep for at least 7 hours for well-being. [3]

  1.   Take measures to avoid infection

Taking measures such as personal hygiene, social distancing, wearing masks,

  1.   Use supplements rationally

Try to prefer supplements from high-quality companies with consultation of your health professional. Avoid supplements that are said to have certain definite health results. Dietary supplements are not intended for treatment of disease rather support against certain conditions.

  1.   Hydration

Hydration does not exactly prevent you from getting sick. By preventing you from dehydration, it decreases your susceptibility to illnesses.

  1.   Maintain a healthy nutrition

A balanced nutrition is one that gives your body a healthy mixture of nutrients for good metabolism. The balance between carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water is essential for a healthy nutrition.

  1.   Reducing added sugar intake

Added sugars may increase the risk of health conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, all of which might suppress your immune system. Decreasing your sugar intake may lower the degree of inflammation and risk of these conditions.

  1.   Keep in mind of your gut health

In our body, a very high percentage of microorganisms is present in our gut. The thing is there should be a balance of helpful microorganisms called “probiotics” and harmful microorganisms in our gut. Our lifestyle factors such as imbalanced nutrition changes this balance and species of this bacteria, in many cases causing digestive problems.

  1. Positive attitude

With the COVID-19 pandemic we not only fear for the wellbeing of our loved ones but also our own. We also need to support our immune system psychologically. Mindfulness meditation, reframing your thoughts, practicing self-compassion helps to build a positive attitude towards life.

If you feel like you are prone to infections, try to apply these lifestyle changes into your daily life for better health outcomes. If you suspect that you might have the flu, make sure to use our app FluAI, to get advice about your condition from the comfort of your home. You can download the app via Play Store and App Store.


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Disclaimer:. This article should never be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified health professional.


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