Check the Flu
with AI

FluAI is a mobile health application that gives the user personal analysis and recommendations for upper respiratory infections such as flu.

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with AI

How It Works?

How can I analyze my upper respiratory complaints ?

1. Download the app

Download the application to your phone for IOS or Android from the links on the page.

2. Take your throat picture

Take a photo of your throat with the instructions described in the application

3. Enter symptoms

Enter your symptoms along with their ratings

4. Get Analysis

Can you manage it at home? What can you do to heal fast? Get suggestions.

The right price for you


First analysis is free!
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1x Analysis

- 1x analysis
-Supplement-health suggestions
-Analysis and disease follow-up 

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Montly subscription

-Unlimited analysis
-Supplement-health suggestions

-Analysis and disease follow-up

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